RED Trace II Helmet review

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RED Trace II Helmet review

RED Trace II Helmet review

A few years ago no-one seemed to wear helmets on the slopes. Then almost overnight everyone and their mother’s were wearing protection for their noggins. I agree whole heartedly that you should wear a helmet when skiing and snowboarding. There have been enough accidents and tragedies that could have been avoided if the person was wearing head protection. It’s just not worth the risk. So, because of this, I have reviewed my own choice of head gear, the RED Trace II helmet. Here goes.


  • Good looking, sleek design
  • Well ventilated so you keep cool
  • Good all round helmet for skiing or snowboarding
  • Headphone (redphone) compatible so you can listen to tunes while on the slopes
  • Compatible with many goggles but especially Red goggles so ensure they stay on.

First Impression

Opening up the box on something new is always a treat. There was no difference here with the Trace II helmet. The box itself has an open front so you can see your helmet without even having to open anything. The interior of the box slides out to reveal the whole helmet, snugly sitting on top of a criss-cross platform. Picking up the helmet feels good. Light enough to know it will be nice to wear all day long, but heavy enough to know it’s a good quality product made with decent materials.



The Trace II gives a snug but comfortable fit around all areas of your head. My head is pretty small, so hence I went for the small helmet size. Something you will definitely need to do is go to a shop and try one on to make sure you get the correct size and fit for you. The helmet does come with a few extra spacers if you need them, but you will certainly need the correct sized helmet to ensure a good, safe fit.

The inner helmet includes removable – Velcro fastened – sponge padding to help in keeping your head nice and comfy all day long. After a week’s intense mountain activity you will inevitably sweat, so the fact it is removable is a great feature as it makes for a nice easy clean of all the pads ready for storage.

To secure you into the helmet is an equally well padded chin strap. The strap is fully adjustable and fastened together with a solid plastic clip on one side.


This is a great helmet. Giving great protection at a good price, sadly though, even the best products can have drawbacks. The Trace II’s goggle clip is not particularly useful. It doesn’t have a button fastening and relies on you just shoving the goggle strap under the clip, which it-self is also just shoved into a slot in-between the helmet foam and the outer shell. It is fairly impossible to secure your goggles fully, and have the confidence that they aren’t going to come flying out when you’re going hell for leather down a double diamond. My goggles have definitely fallen out, so it is something to consider when buying the helmet.



Overall, the RED Trace II helmet is a good quality all rounder, providing ample protection whilst keeping your head comfortable. It’s added features and removable ear pads means you can use it all year round, for a number of different activities, giving you more wear for your money. I think it’s a great buy.

I hope you found this review useful. Remember, it is of upmost importance that you stay safe and wear protection when doing extreme sports in the mountains. If nothing else, wear a good helmet.

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